The Imp Club – 40th Anniversary

From January Impressions Magazine

2020 marks the 40th Anniversary of the Imp Club. The club was founded in December 1980 by Vice President Richard Knight. Back then the Imp had only been out of production for four years and was listed in the various prices guides (such as Parkers) with values determined by model and age.

In 1980 Imps were still in use as daily runabouts, often as a second ‘shopping’ car. It was a popular nurse’s and student’s car and needless to say maintenance was often fairly minimal.

It was therefore perhaps strange that so young a car should have a club devoted to it. Or was it? The car had always been a tuner’s delight, had a good competition pedigree, good looks and, importantly, was always fun to drive. So, maybe not so strange after all.

Today the Imp has a following even stronger than ever.

So raise a glass to the Imp – and the Imp Club!

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