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Well travelled Imps!

The Hillman Imp was launched in May 1963 and to celebrate 50 years since the launch two Imps made two individual and remarkable journeys.

Epic Journey Number One – Johannesburg to London

Terence Tracey’s JoLon Imp undertook the arduous journey from Johannesburg to London and then on to Coventry to arrive in time to catch the last day of the May Imp 50 celebrations.

Photo of Jolon Imp at Imp 50 Coventry
Jolon Imp at Imp 50 Coventry

The JoLon Imp’s journey is fully documented in Terence Tracey’s book “No Way Back!” which can be purchased from Imp Club Regalia. If you would like to purchase a copy then contact the Regalia Officers using the Regalia Enquiry Form. A full list of books stocked by Regalia can be found here.

For more about this journey you can also take a look at the following reports which appeared in the Imp Club’s monthly magazine Impressions:

Epic Journey Number Two – Perth Australia to Perth Scotland

David Pilbeam’s journey started in Perth Australia and he drove his Imp across Siberia and through Europe in time to enjoy Imp 50 National in Perth at the beginning of August.

Photo of David Pilbeam and his white Imp
David & His Well Travelled Imp!

Follow David’s trip across Siberia and beyond with only his Imp for company. Read David’s blog which he started on 28 May 2013 with:

“Does the idea of driving a small 48 year old car across Russia and on to the UK seem crazy?

Well of course it does.  But don’t tell the men in white coats because that is what I’m hoping to do this June.”

David’s blog details his gruelling trip across Siberia , through Europe and up to Imp 50 National in Perth. On completion of the Siberia leg David flew home to collect his two young boys and was reunited with his Imp on Day 31. The boys joined him for the rest of this unique experience. Days 60 & 61 saw him enjoying Imp 50 National in Perth, Scotland and his blog finally concludes on Day 65. What an experience!

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Using a roadside inspection ramp in Siberia
Siberian Roadside Facilities!