Imp National 1994

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Banham Zoo
5th-7th August
East Anglia Area Centre

About Imp National 1994

Imps and Impers on the Show field
The Show Field

1994 National Weekend was held in the grounds of Banham Zoo. It was very well attended by members of the Imp Club and welcomed a significant number of the general public, particularly on the Sunday.

Activities for the weekend included:

  • Catering & Bar
  • Autotest & Driving Test
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Tug-O-War
  • Autojumble
  • Trips to Norfolk Broads, Norwich, Bressingham etc
  • Discounted Zoo visit
  • Saturday Evening Barbecue followed by a Quiz
  • Sunday car display and judging
  • Raffle
Singer Chamois Coupe on the Treasure Hunt

Event Goodies

Souvenir programmes and plaques in the form of a drinks coaster were given to attendees. Those lucky enough to win a class prize also took home a trophy.

Front of 1994 event programme
Photo of 3rd placed Singer Imp trophy
Photo of plaque which could be used as a drinks coaster

A bit of amusement

If you attended the 1993 National or have read the 1993 National page then the following extract from the programme ‘Welcome Message’ may well bring a wry smile to your face:



Some Class Winning Cars and More

Click on the pictures to take a closer look

Rosemary Smith Trophy Winner

Each year the Club president Rosemary Smith awards herPerpetual Trophy to her own personal favourite from the winners of the individual classes. In 1994 the trophy went to the Singer Chamois class winner.

Front view dark green Singer Chamois Saloon
Derek’s Singer – Winner of Singer Class and Rosemary Smith Trophy

To finish off …

Rosemary joins the Autotest
Rosemary out on the course
  • Rosemary Smith was the fastest overall in the Autotest
  • Stevenage beat Warrington in the Tug-O-War.
  • The winner of the under-8s Banham Zoo quiz is now an Imp Club committee member!
  • A pat on the back to all – Banham Zoo congratulated the organisers and advised them that the site was left cleaner than all previous events held at the venue and gave the Club an open invitation to return.

… and a final picture

Large pile of carburettors at £25 each
These carburettors sold well – some are definitely still in use today!

Many thanks to those members who have provided photos and information about this and other Nationals – without you these pages would not exist.