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Notification of UK Imp Club Events

The Imp Club is covered by insurance for public liability, products liability and slander and professional indemnity.

In order for any UK based Imp Club event (indoor or outdoor) to be covered under this policy our Events Secretary MUST be informed of the event. Failure to notify the Events Secretary may mean that insurance cover will NOT be in place for the event.

NB This insurance is limited to current members of the Imp Club and their cars.

Important Insurance Information for organisers of events

Any organiser organising any show attendance is asked to use the online notification form.

The Club’s insurance is purely a Public Liability policy and is there to protect the Club and its officials & organisers from claims of negligence and mishap arising from their actions in organising an event or from negligent damage caused by any Imp Club owned equipment, such as for example a notice board blowing over, gazebo collapsing, cables or guy ropes creating a tripping hazard or similar such occurrence. The PLI will cover the organiser if non-Club property is involved if the organiser misuses it in good faith (i.e. lays a borrowed extension cable – which has to be electrically safe – near a footpath and someone trips over it). This is why we are requesting that organisers take into consideration the Health and Safety implications.

The Club Public Liability insurance does not cover cars for third party claims, accident, damage, injury, traffic offences and incidents when on the road.

The cars partaking in the run still have to conform to the current Road Traffic Act – thus they must be properly insured, taxed if applicable, and be roadworthy.

Cars on static displays are covered by the PLI for any damage caused by the Club’s equipment and any negligence on the part of the organisers in creating/running the stand/event. Any other damage remains the responsibility of the car owner or the person causing the damage. The Club recommends all owners suitably insure their cars

Completing the form below will ensure that:

  • Your event is covered by the group insurance
  • Your event will appear in the ‘showandgo’ section of Impressions
  • Your event will be included in our Events Calendar – NB Your personal details will NOT be published here

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    NB Once you have submitted your form you will be taken to the Club's Events - Guidance page where you will be able to download the necessary forms for your event.