Imp Variants

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Imp Models

During the Imp’s production lifespan there were a variety of models available with different levels of trim and different body styles

The Imp was produced in a saloon version, a coupe version and an estate/van version

Saloon ModelImp
Imp deLuxe
Super Imp
Imp Super
Chamois Sport
Imp Sport
Coupe ModelCalifornianChamois CoupeStiletto
Estate/Van ModelHusky

Singer versions were the up market models with a more comprehensive and luxurious specification
Sunbeam versions were the sporty models with more powerful engines
Export versions were usually badged as Sunbeams
Some vehicles were exported in “kit” form (known at the factory as CKD) and assembled locally abroad

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Variants using Imp mechanicals

The Imp chassis, transmission and aluminium engine was chosen by a number of smaller artisan motor manufacturers as the ideal platform to build their own cars:

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