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The Imp Club National

The highlight on any car club calendar is the National Day or National Weekend when the club presents an opportunity for a wide cross-section of enthusiasts to get together and relax. Over a period of more than 20 years our ‘highlight’ has grown from a low key single day event to an International event which now stretches from Thursday to Monday!

Photo of Imps at a past National
Lining up for ‘Show & Shine’

Nationals such as those run by The Imp Club, attract every model variation, specification and condition, blowing away the concept that only the immaculate and spotlessly rebuilt cars are worth taking. Read the reports of previous Nationals and you will read of memorable scenic runs, of friendly competitions, of varied evening entertainments and of the occasional on-site rebuilds. Sometimes the efforts to source supplies and spares goes above and beyond the call of duty. Finally you will read the thank-yous for the sterling efforts of the local organising team for putting the whole show together.

Photo of Chamois with Imp 40 graffiti
Celebrating Imp 40 at Liverpool
Photo of Imp parked outside fictional Scripps Garage
Scenic Run to Aidensfield!
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