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The Association of Rootes Car Clubs (ARCC)

The ARCC is an association of the clubs that cover the various cars built by Rootes over many years and into the era when Rootes were taken over by Chrysler. Other clubs able to join the association are those whose vehicles used Rootes components in their manufacture. The Association exists to promote the interests of all the clubs linked to Rootes vehicles by sharing information and resources.

UK Members of the ARCC
Association of Singer Car Owners Avenger & Sunbeam Owners Club Clan Owners Club 
Hillman Owners Club The Imp Club (that's us!)Scottish Rootes Enthusiasts 
Singer Owners Club Sunbeam Alpine Owners Club Sunbeam Lotus Owners Club 
Sunbeam Rapier Owners Club Sunbeam Talbot Alpine Register Sunbeam Tiger Owners Club 

The Association organises stands at national classic car exhibitions such as the NEC, and also at various classic car shows across the UK. Here individual club members can meet together as one, and be part of a larger event that their own club may not be able to support on its own.

Each member club nominates representatives who form the ARCC committee which aims to meet once a quarter.

The ARCC have negotiated discounted rates for all individual club members for vehicle insurance and many other types of domestic insurance. The Association also arranges group insurance cover for member clubs that provides appropriate cover for their activities and events.

More information about the ARCC and the individual member clubs can be found by clicking on the links provided above.

The Archive Centre Trust

The Rootes Archive Centre Trust is supported by the ARCC and is based in ‘New Devonshire House’, Banbury.

This is the location of the complete library of the Rootes engineering drawings from the early 1960s to the end of the Chrysler era, and includes all the component drawings for the Hillman Imp.

Overall the collection comprises at least 150,000 drawings, and a vast amount of specifications, artefacts, records of the rallying days of the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s. It includes information of anything from the late 50s that was modified in the 60s; so there is a lot for Minx/ Rapier/ Gazelle and Humber ranges, plus everything relating to Arrow, Avenger, and of course, the Hillman Imp.

With so many individual items in the collection the task of identifiying and cataloguing them all is massive and will take several years to complete. The ARCC Secretary therefore welcomes offers of voluntary help and would be happy to discuss any assistance that may be offered by interested individuals and clubs. Please click on this link to make contact.