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About Us

Half Car Logo in Green

Founded in 1980 by Richard Knight, The Imp Club promotes the enjoyment and preservation of the Hillman Imp range of cars and it’s derivatives. Our core aim is ‘Keeping the Imp Alive!’

Our president is the renowned rally driver Rosemary Smith and our vice president is our founder Richard Knight. We have over 1100 members worldwide the majority of whom reside in the UK. The Imp Club has members from all walks of life including many younger members whom we hope will be ‘Keeping the Imp alive!’ for many years to come. We are affiliated to the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) and were affiliated to the Association of Rootes Car Clubs (ARCC) until it was wound up in 2021. We are now closely associated with the Rootes Archive Centre Trust. The club produces a full colour magazine, Impressions, every month of the year except September.

We have a large network of Area Centres in the UK and Overseas Contacts in many countries. Most Area Centres have a monthly meeting where Imp Club members and any interested parties can come along to socialise and also talk Imps.

Regalia offers an essential and wide range of Imp related goodies.

Club Spares provide those important parts for Keeping the Imp Alive!’

Our Forum provides access to a whole host of Imp related information and help for the worldwide Imp community. Parts of the forum are available to all but for full access to all the technical help you need to be an Imp Club member.

And finally ‘The National‘ our annual rally which is generally acknowledged as the highlight of the Imp year. Held in early August every year ‘The National’ is hosted by a different area centre at a venue local to them. It always attracts a strong following of owners who it seems will travel anywhere to be part of this great event. Many members from abroad make this an annual holiday in the UK.

Members cars can be seen on club events, at classic car shows nationwide or competing in various forms of motorsport.

Imp 2016 at Hatton

Today the Imp and The Imp Club have a strong and enthusiastic following – the club’s motto is ‘Keeping the Imp Alive!’ and we are doing just that!