Renewal two assoc Form

Renewal With Two Associates Application Form

Important Information:

By renewing membership of  The Imp Club members agree to abide by the Rules of the Club.  Members are liable up to a maximum of £2.00 in the event of The Imp Club being wound up as insolvent, pursuant to the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

The information supplied on this form will be held on the Club database and used to send out the Club magazine and other Club information. Please read our Privacy Policy.

Please note – the information on this form will never be passed to third parties.

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    I understand that The Imp Club is being provided with the details above in order to administer and deliver the services I am entitled to as a member of the Club. As part of this The Imp Club needs to record and process the information as explained in the Privacy Policy. In order to proceed with your application you and your Associates named above need to agree the following:

    I would like to restrict usage of my details and not have my contact information shared with either my local Area Centre Organiser or relevant Model Registrar:

    Restrict Usage

    By ticking the 'restrict usage' box you will receive no contact from the Club other than your copy of Impressions magazine and any other necessary essential Club information.


    Pressing ‘SUBMIT’ will forward your application details to the Membership Secretary and you will be taken to the payment screen.