Rules of the Club

The IMP Club Ltd Rules

1. CONSTITUTION: The membership shall consist of “Honorary”, “Full”, “Associate” and “Honorary Associate” members. Honorary members will be restricted to individuals elected by the Committee as recognition of their work in promoting motoring in general, the former ‘lmp Club’ or the Club. Full Membership will cover an individual who once accepted as a member of the Club will be issued with a membership card. The Full Member will be entitled to all rights and services hereafter mentioned and otherwise offered by the Club. Associated Membership will be available to the spouse, member of the family or partner of a Full Member. For each Full Membership there can be up to two linked Associate Memberships. Once accepted as an Associate Member of the Club they will be entitled to all the rights and services available to a Full Member, except the receipt of the Club publication or other such items.

2. ELECTION OF MEMBERS: Any candidate for membership must carry out the required joining procedure (whether by post or electronically) and in the process will accept the terms and conditions of Club membership and pay the required subscription fees. All applications for membership will be considered by the Membership Secretary, as a duly elected member of the Committee. The approval of the Membership Secretary to accept an application will constitute an acceptance by the whole committee.

In the event an application is rejected by the Membership Secretary, that candidate’s application will be considered at the next Committee Meeting following receipt and no explanation need be given to the applicant. Acceptance of that application will be at the discretion of the Committee. A vote of one third of the Committee against the election of a candidate shall exclude the candidate from membership of the Club. Candidates not elected for membership by the Committee shall have their subscriptions returned and shall cease to be members of the Club immediately following the Committee Meeting.

3. MEMBERSHIP: A membership year will run from the first day of the month in which the application is accepted. An Associate membership year will run concurrent with that of the linked Full Membership. The renewal month will be the month containing the anniversary of the date of acceptance. An Associate Membership cannot be renewed as such unless the linked Full membership is also renewed at the same time. Upon payment of the appropriate subscription (less joining fee) the Associate Member can assume Full Membership status at any time.

4. JOINING FEE: An individual applying for Full Membership of the Club for the first time or an individual re-applying for Full Membership after lapsed membership, will be required to pay a joining fee. No further joining fee will be payable for continuous membership. The Committee may decide to waive the joining fee in certain cases and at appropriate times and events, for promotional purposes.

5. SUBSCRIPTION: Membership subscriptions, joining fees and Associate Membership fees, shall be such amounts as shall be decided by the Committee at an annual review and approved by the members at a General Meeting.

6. ANNUAL RENEWAL OF MEMBERSHIP: Annual subscriptions shall fall due on the first day of the renewal month as detailed in Rule 3. The member will receive notification from the Membership Secretary at the start of the month prior to the member’s renewal month. The member will have that month to renew their membership either by post ot electronically without effect to their membership entitlement. Members electing to renew their membership will, at the discretion of the Membership Secretary as a duly elected member of the committee, be accepted to continue their membership upon agreement and accepting the terms and conditions of The Club.

If at the end of the renewal month the Membership Secretary has not received the member’s subscription the membership will be considered to be suspended. If within two months the Membership Secretary receives the appropriate subscription, membership entitlement will be backdated to the member’s original renewal month.

7. NON-PAYMENT OF SUBSCRIPTIONS: Any Member who has not paid his/her due subscription within two months of the due date as described in Rule 6 shall be deemed to have voluntarily resigned as a member of the Club. No Member whose subscription is in arrears shall be eligible to take part in any activity organised by the Club which is restricted to club members. Nor shall such members be entitled to enjoy any of the benefits or privileges of membership.

8. EXPULSION OF MEMBERS: Any member who acts against the interest of the club, brings the Imp Club Ltd into disrepute or acts in a manner that is liable to do so may be expelled from the club. To effect such an action the matter must first be discussed at a Committee Meeting before going forward for a vote by the entire committee by proxy or in person. The member is given at least seven days and not more than six weeks’ notice of the meeting at which their expulsion is to be discussed. The member shall be given the right to appeal to the committee in writing.

9. RESIGNATION: Any Member ceasing voluntarily to be a member of the Club shall cease thereafter to enjoy any of the privileges of membership or to have any claims on the property of the Club. The member shall remain liable for any debts due to the Club from him/her. Any such Member will not be entitled to either a full or partial refund.

10. MANAGEMENT: The responsibility for the management of the affairs of the Club shall be vested in the Board of Directors with such assistance as they choose to have from the Committee saving those items expressly referred to by these rules as requiring acceptance at a General Meeting. The Committee shall meet as and when necessary but not less than three times a year in addition to the AGM in order to carry out their duties relating to the management of the Club.

11. THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The Board of Directors shall consist of at least two and normally three positions: Chairman, Club Secretary and Treasurer. Nomination: any Honorary, Full or Associate Member is eligible for nomination to the post of Chairman, Club Secretary and Treasurer, providing they have the necessary skills to undertake the relevant post. All nominations must be submitted to the Club Secretary at least five months before the date of the AGM or other such date to be determined by the Committee. No two Board of Directors posts shall be held by one individual or by the spouse, member of the immediate family or partner of a Director.

12. THE COMMITTEE: The Committee shall consist of the Board of Directors together with such other Positions as the Board of Directors may desire but subject to the minimum of four such posts The Committee shall have the power to co-opt other members as they deem necessary.

13. NOMINATION OF OFFICERS: Any Honorary, Full or Associate Member is eligible for nomination to a post on the Committee excluding the Board of Director posts, The Chairman, Club Secretary and Treasurer, as described in rule 11. All nominations should be submitted to the Club Secretary at least 56 days before the date of the AGM.

14. ELECTION OF OFFICERS: The Club officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall remain in office until their successors are appointed at the Annual General Meeting following their appointment unless their term of office is terminated voluntarily or otherwise. If an appointment is terminated voluntarily or otherwise, the Committee shall have the power to co-opt a person to fulfil that role until the next Annual General Meeting. The retiring officers and other members of the Committee shall be eligible for re-election. An Honorary, Full, Associate member, retiring officer or Committee member will not normally be permitted to be elected to hold two Committee posts, unless those present at an Annual General Meeting wish to elect one officer to cover two posts. This will only be applicable where no other suitable nominations have been received or to leave the post vacant would be detrimental to the functioning of the Club or Committee. Voting is by a simple majority of votes cast. Those not attending the AGM may appoint the Club Secretary as their proxy on submission of their voting instruction.

15. COMMITTEE MEETINGS: The Committee shall meet whenever summoned by the Club Secretary who may convene a meeting of his/her own accord, or shall do so by direction of the Chairman, or on a requisition signed by at least four Committee members. The Club Secretary must give at least five days’ notice of any Committee meeting. The date of Committee meetings will normally be published in the next available Club magazine. Any Honorary, Full or Associate member is entitled to attend any Committee meeting. All Committee members are expected to submit activity reports to the Club Secretary in a timely manner for inclusion to each Committee meeting. Copies of the minutes of Committee meetings will be available to Club members upon request from the Club Secretary. A committee member who fails to participate may (at the discretion of the committee) be deemed to have resigned.

16. VOTING AT COMMITTEE MEETINGS: Each elected or co-opted Committee member present at a committee meeting shall be entitled to exercise one vote. Where a Committee post is held jointly this Committee position is only entitled to a single vote. Any Club Member present who is not a duly elected Committee member will not be entitled to vote. The Chairman shall not vote except in the exercise of a casting vote. Any Committee member may demand a vote by ballot.

17. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING: The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held each year at a time and date fixed by the Committee in accordance with the Companies Act, as amended. The Annual General Meeting shall:-

a) Receive from the Chairman a report of the activities of the Club during the preceding year.

b) Receive from the Treasurer a statement of accounts showing the receipts and expenditure for the preceding year together with a balance sheet showing the assets and liabilities of the Club.

c) Receive such other reports as the Committee shall deem to offer.

d) Appoint two returning officers for the ensuing elections.

e) Elect the Chairman, Club Secretary and Treasurer and other such officers as the Board of Directors shall decide as described in Rule 14.

f) In any year where the Board has decided that an Internal Audit should be carried out, elect an Internal Auditor to audit the current year’s accounts. The Internal Auditor shall be a Full or Associate member of the Club and shall not be currently serving on the Board of Directors.

g) Decide on any resolutions submitted to the Annual General Meeting as detailed in Clause 18.

18. AGENDA FOR AGM: Items for discussion at an Annual General Meeting shall be notified to the Secretary at least 56 days before such meeting. The agenda shall be published in the copy of the magazine prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting, however the non-receipt, by any member, of the agenda shall not invalidate the proceedings. Any item not included in the agenda prior to the date of the meeting may be discussed at the end of the normal proceedings under Any Other Business. No votes can be taken on topics raised in “Any other business”.

19. EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING: An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened by direction of the Board of Directors or by requisition to the Club Secretary stating the reasons for which the meeting is required and signed by at least twenty members. If the meeting so requisitioned is not convened within 56 days, the said members may convene the meeting, provided that the receipt by the Club Secretary of the said requisition can be proved. At least 28 days’ notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting must be given to the full membership by the Club Secretary or by the said members; however non-receipt of such notice by any member shall not invalidate the proceedings.

20. MINUTES.:Minutes of all Board, Committee and General Meetings are to be recorded and a copy placed in a minute file and signed by the Secretary and Chairman upon acceptance. The minute file must be available if requested. Minutes of the three prior meetings to be available at each meeting.

21. BANKING AND ACCOUNTS: All monies of the Club shall be banked by the Treasurer or other authorised Member of the Club in the name of the Club, except, where permitted by the Board of Directors, accounts are set up and managed by Committee members with an aim to be self-financing as for Regalia. Area Organisers or Club Weekend Event Organisers or Committee Members may keep small cash accounts but must provide details to and co-ordinate with the Treasurer and follow their advice and requirements. The Committee shall ensure that true accounts are kept of the Club’s transactions and of all sums of money received or disbursed. The records of all accounts shall be kept at such place as prescribed by the Committee.

22. AUDITORS: The Internal Auditor appointed at the Annual General Meeting will examine and ascertain the correctness of all the Club accounts (including those of ACOs where applicable) and the balance sheet that will be presented to the subsequent Annual General Meeting. The Auditor shall have free access to all financial records and stock of the Club, which must be readily available at all reasonable times. The Internal Auditor may choose to co-opt another member to assist. A retiring Treasurer will not be eligible to become an Auditor in the year following his/her retirement.

23. REGISTRARS: Official Registrars may be appointed by the Committee for each of the models catered for by the Club and for any specialist areas, e.g. Young Persons. Such registrars shall be bound by the Club rules and comply with the terms and conditions of the Club’s Privacy Policy. All records held by such registrars in connection with their post shall remain the property of the Club and shall be made available to the Committee for inspection upon request. Each Registrar is expected to submit for inclusion at the AGM a report of their activities, volume of queries received and any other pertinent information.

24. AREA CENTRES AND OVERSEAS CONTACTS: Any centre or contact recognised as such by the Board of Directors shall not portray itself as anything except as part of the Club. The Area Centre Co-ordinator or the Board of Directors shall have the power to form or dissolve centres of the Club as and when required. Such centres and contacts shall be bound by the Club rules and comply with the terms and conditions of the Club’s Privacy Policy. All books and papers relating to Club affairs shall remain the property of the Club and shall be made available to the Board of Directors for inspection upon request.

25. CLUB PROPERTY: All equipment and other items held by Club representatives and officers in order for them to carry out their duties will remain the property of the Club and shall be made available to the Board of Directors upon request or when official duties cease. At the end of each Financial Year, anyone holding such property must confirm their holding to the Treasurer.

26. USE OF CLUB NAME: No member of the Club shall be permitted to use the Club name, logo or any part thereof, for any purpose, without the prior permission of the Club Directors. It is the duty of all members to bring to the notice of the Committee any such use of the Club name be it by Club Members or non-members alike.

27. REGALIA: Any regalia issued (i.e. not sold or officially given as prizes or promotional material) to members or Club officials shall remain the property of the Club, and on termination of their membership or official duties, they shall deliver up such regalia to the Regalia Officer. The fee for such non-returned regalia shall be decided by the Committee. Prices for the sale of regalia shall be decided by the Regalia Officer/s.

28. DATA PROTECTION: The collection, processing, storage and sharing of member’s personal details will be in accordance with the terms and conditions laid out in the Club’s Privacy Policy. Any Club Committee Member or Official in receipt of Club member’s personal details, as covered by the Club’s Privacy Policy, will treat such information in confidence and for Club purposes only. The use of members’ data shall be in accordance with UK data protection legislation and members’ interests safeguarded at all times. Any individual or Club Official deemed to be misusing such data shall be dealt with accordingly.

a) No Badge, logo or banner purporting to represent the Imp Club shall be displayed unless it is approved by the Club.

b) Badges, logos or banners approved by the Imp Club shall not be used by any person whatsoever without the express permission of the Club. Items purchased by members from Regalia include such permission.

c) Anyone wishing to use the Club badge, logo or banner for financial gain on any product must obtain written permission from the Secretary to use the device prior to production and they may also be required to pay a royalty to the Club for each occasion that the device is used.