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Another month has rolled by! November Impressions is at the printers and will soon be delivered to Imp Club Members. If you are not already a member then take a look at some of the articles from previous magazines here. If you are IMPressed then what about asking for membership for Christmas? Take a look at membership benefits and purchase on line. Articles to read in November Impressions : ...continue reading "November 2017 Impressions"

January 2017 Impressions should now be with all Imp Club Members - as usual the January edition is full of interesting articles. Non-members - if you have any 'left over' Christmas cash why not spend it on a year's subscription to the Imp Club? Not only will you receive 12 Impressions Magazines delivered to your doorstep but access to Club Spares, Club Regalia, beneficial Insurance deals and more. Take a look here to  view the benefits or join here. ...continue reading "January 2017 Impressions"