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Many club members will recall in 2013 that the Jolon Imp, driven by Terence Tracey and Geoff Biermann, journeyed from South Africa to Coventry, some 14,000 km in 40 days for Imp 50. The upshot being that Terence has now written a book of that epic journey with some generous support from Tim Fry’s daughter, Trinity, in Cape Town. ...continue reading "Terence Tracey’s ‘No Way Back’ now in stock!"

2016 has been a very successful year for the Imp Club's inaugural 'Young Members Registrar' with Dom winning two well deserved awards. At the Club's international event 'Imp 2017' back in August he was awarded the trophy for 'Best Young Club Member's Imp'. This is voted for by Club members attending the event. It can clearly be seen from the photo how excited Dom was to receive this prize! ...continue reading "Young Members Registrar"