Future of the Club

A message from the Chairman to all Imp Club Members

Future of the Club – Open on-line meeting on Sunday March 5th

You will all be aware (I hope) of the ongoing debate on the ‘Future of the Club’ going on in the Club Forum.  A virtual meeting to discuss some of the points raised will be held at 10.30 a.m. on Sunday 5th March. This will be an ‘open’ meeting which any member can attend and take part but all participants will need to contact the Secretary by 5 pm on Saturday 4th March to obtain details to join the meeting. 

One of my aims in starting this debate was to involve the whole membership and to lighten the load on a (depleted) committee by recruiting new people with fresh ideas and enthusiasm.  Whilst ideas (and there have been some good ones) are always welcome there is little point in just saying that the Club ‘should do this or do that’ unless the effort to do it can be made available. Like any club, the Imp Club is its members – not some all-encompassing vast impersonal organisation with unlimited resources. Thus I think it is reasonable to ask people who want the Club to do new major things or go in a different direction to be willing to help either by becoming a Committee member or by offering to take on a major part of the work involved in making the changes – rather than just expecting others to try and implement them.  Please bear this in mind in the meeting.

Roy Blunt (Chairman)”