Introducing the Imp Club’s Chairman – Richard Claydon

Richard was co-opted by the committee into the chairman’s position at the Club’s February 2020 committee meeting. Richard is not new to the Imp Club, he is a long term member and became heavily involved with the committee back in 2013 when he supported his wife in the Regalia Officer’s role.

Richard introduced himself to the membership in April 2020 Impresions in the ‘chairman’s corner’. Below is an extract of what he had to say.

I was co-opted by the committee into the chairman’s position at the February committee meeting and will be in role until I’m hopefully fully elected into the position at the AGM.

Richard & Karen with their historic works rally Imp

One of the first things I’d like to do is thank Graham Townsend for sitting in the Chairman’s seat whilst the position has been vacant. Graham has now very happily gone back to solely running membership.

So, who am I? I was born and raised in London and after leaving school I completed an apprentiship with London Buses as a mechanic.  I joined the London Fire Brigade in 1986 and retired as a Borough Commander in 2016. I now provide safety consultancy services and in my spare time in a volunteer first responder for our local ambulance service.

I’ve got 2 grown up sons and I’m a grandad to 2 lovely granddaughters, I’ve been around the Imp Club on and off since the 80s and my first car after passing my test was an Oxford Blue Chammy Sport (why did I sell that one!). I’m also the lucky owner of two works rally Imps and a pre-production Stiletto. – Richard Claydon”

Richard’s car as it was in the 1960s.

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Andrew Cowan behind the wheel of the same car in the 1960’s