Barbados – The Mallalieu Motor Collection

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The Mallalieu Motor Collection

Pavilion Court
Christ Church

The Mallalieu collection is the only ‘old’ car collection in Barbados and represents a history of motoring on the island and in particular the story of The Barbados Rally Club which was founded in 1957. It is a private collection owned by Bill Mallalieu.

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Photos taken by Imp club Members on visit to the Collection
The last Imp in Barbados

Thanks to Bill Mallalieu who kindly supplied the following photographs of his 1965 Singer Chamois Mk 2 Imp exhibit.

This is the last one of only 30 Imps imported into Barbados

The car is basically in good condition but gets very little use so suffers many problems when it is eventually started. To get the above photos it was started and driven out of the garage.

Unique badge and two tone paintwork