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Congratulations to James Ibbotson for wrapping up and winning the championship by taking a 1st in a very wet race 1. Such an achievement for his 1st season racing. We also like thank the club members, and fellow racers who helped him achieve this and supported him along the way.

The Imp Club is ‘Rooting’ for club member, James Ibbotson, who hopes to wrap up the championship at Mallory Park tomorrow. Be sure to watch this up and coming lad on the live feeds. #ctcrc #barc #doingitfortheimps

NOW IN STOCK: brand new standard exhausts are now available to club members via club spares. £110 + postage. Not a member? Then head over to our website and join online immediately to take advantage of this, and many other spares at great prices. http://www.theimpclub.co.uk

After a few years of owning the well known ‘Pinky and Perky’ Imp police car, club member Tom, has donated it to the Lanarkshire Police Historical Society. This incredible donation means that the car will be seen and appreciated by many more people. Photo courtesy of Tom Blackwood

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