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Imp National 2021 – Cancelled

The following statement has been received from the National Event Organisers

National 2021 – Cancelled

After some serious deliberation and discussions between the National Event Organisers and the Committee, we have come to the regrettable decision to cancel this year’s National Event and wanted to get the message out as soon as possible and to everyone. The ongoing uncertainty with regards to the continuing pandemic, unknown future restrictions and, yet to be completed, vaccination schedule, does not give us any confidence that the situation will improve sufficiently before the event was due to happen. We had to make a firm decision as soon as possible so we could inform the venue, suppliers and other contributors and in particular yourselves. The health and wellbeing of you, the event organisers and everyone likely to be involved has to be a priority until such time as normality returns.

It may still be possible to go ahead with the Track Day Event at Goodwood, but this is very much dependent on changes to restrictions in place at the time, those managing the Goodwood Circuit and those co-ordinating the event on behalf of the Club. If it does go ahead, then we appreciate that not everyone who booked a slot will be able to take part due to travel restrictions or distance, but please watch this space, your emails or Social Media channels for any updates.

As soon as things appear to start to return to some kind of normality, we will all try and get together to enjoy the things we have done in the past. If, in the meantime and within the rules of any ongoing local or national restrictions and limitations, it may be possible for Area Centres to organise local gatherings around the time of the National.