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The Imp Club: Your Information

Please let us work together so that you can continue to get the service your membership entitles you to and the Club can function efficiently. We need to confirm that the information we hold is accurate and to ensure that, where we require your permission, we have this recorded.

Each FULL member has personal details held by the club with which we are able to identify you :

Name, Address, Club allocated Membership Number

The Club may also hold one or more of the following :

email address, Telephone Number

You may also have 1 or 2 ASSOCIATE members linked to your FULL membership. For each ASSOCIATE member the club holds only their name.

All of the facts you need to know are explained in our Privacy Policy, a printed copy of which was included with the April 2018 Impressions. Please read it. An electronic copy can be found here.

Your details will be kept safe and secure at all times. We do not share your contact information with any organisation outside Club activities. We do not carry out any marketing that makes use of your information. We only process your information to run and provide the services we offer as a Club, please see our Privacy Policy for full details.

Please ensure that you and any associate members read the Privacy Policy and then complete the form below. Clicking the submit button will send an electronic copy of this form to the Club’s Data Protection Officer.

Please fill in the form below to accept The Imp Club’s Privacy Policy.

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    Note: For the protection of ALL our members the Privacy Policy and the way we manage your information will be applied to members outside the UK and the EU

    If you have any questions about this or any other aspect of data protection within the Club, further details about it and a copy of our Privacy Policy can be viewed online here

    You are in control of your data. If you would like to change your mind, see the information we hold about you or update your information in the future, please contact us using the dedicated form.

    I understand that The Imp Club is being provided with the details above in order to administer and deliver the services I am entitled to as a member of the Club. As part of this The Imp Club needs to record and process the information as explained in the Privacy Policy.

    Full Member Agreement:*YES

    Associate One Agreement (where applicable):*YESWhen there is NO Associate One tick here

    Associate Two Agreement (where applicable):*YESWhen there is NO Associate Two tick here

    If you would like to restrict usage of your details and not have them published in Impressions or be shared with either your local Area Centre Organiser or relevant Model Registrar then please tick hereUsage Restricted
    By ticking the the 'Usage Restricted' box above you will receive no contact from the Club other than your copy of Impressions magazine and any other necessary essential Club information.