Postal Rates from January 2021

Please check - current Royal Mail rates as the list below may be out of date and we will always charge the current rate.

*** Postal charges by Parcel Force to Northern Ireland, USA and some other areas have increased significantly and may be equivalent to DHL. ***

There is at present no handling charge, but we may choose to add a small amount to cover accidental loss or damage on larger orders. UK postage is charged at the following standard rates for 2nd class Royal Mail post or equivalent. Unfortunately, because we are VAT registered, we have to charge VAT on postage. For instance for a set of front brake shoes at £18.00+SPB you should send £21.75 which includes the Royal Mail cost for a parcel up to 2kg plus VAT. Normal 2nd class post is used for small items unless you specifically ask for faster delivery. Please include at least a first class stamp with your order or add on the price as calculated below.

Since the closure of a number of local post offices in 2017, we are using alternatives such as DHL for parcels over 2kg. Prices are quoted on an individual basis and include a compensation option. We also try to distribute large packages via Imp Express, i.e. the area centre network or at an AGM, committee meeting or National Weekend. For overseas postage we try to send separate parcels with a maximum weight of 2kg if this is cheaper. We will also do this in the UK if it is cheaper or easier packaging.

Royal Mail Letters (standard and L=large, UK only), e.g. if your order will fit in a thin Jiffy bag.

LA 100g 1.10      
LLA 100g 1.60 LLB 250g 2.20
LLC 500g 2.90 LLD 750g 4.00

Standard Parcels (UK only) are now in two categories: (S=small) up to 45cm x35cm x8cm (or 16cm x16cm x16cm) and 8kg; (M=medium) up to 61cm x46cm x46cm and 20kg. Parcel Force Worldwide services are available up to 1.5m x3m x3m and 30kg, e.g. Parcel Force 48h.

A special deal applies to small parcels up to 2kg - second class postage is only £3.20 +VAT. We will use this service where possible.

SPA 1kg 3.90 SPB 2kg 3.90
MPA 1kg 6.50 MPB 2kg 6.50
MPC 5kg 10.80      
48hA 2kg 12.12 48hB 5kg 13.14
48hC 10kg 16.62 48hD 15kg 23.40

We will usually send items over 2kg by Parcel Force 48h which includes VAT and compensation for £100. Items over 2kg or parcels to overseas destinations will go by Parcel Force except by special arrangement. We are also now using DHL for large parcels and may choose to use additional compensation options with these services if your goods are valuable. We use a delivery broker with compensation for large orders, particularly overseas, as this gives us the best available rates.

Very large or fragile items such as panels, windscreens and radiators must be collected from the Spares Coordinator.

Rob Allan