Imp Club Spares
Stock List and Prices - from November-December 2021

Here is the list of spares held currently by The Imp Club Limited. We try to buy spares from time to time at advantageous prices for sale to Club Members. Please don't forget that if the part you require is not listed here, then a member of the Specialist Panel may be able to locate it for you. If we can't locate a new part we may offer second hand items available from another Club member.

We are experiencing difficulty in obtaining some items post Breaks-It! and suppliers are quoting out of stock with long lead times. There has also been a number of significant price rises.

Spares in this list are advertised at a cost which has been discounted to members for their own use. Since the Club is run on a voluntary basis for the mutual benefit of all members we have to ask that buyers declare their membership number. Cost of membership is, at the time of writing, £24.00 per annum for the UK (plus £3.00 once off joining fee). Please check Web site for latest amounts. For overseas prices please contact the membership secretaries.

When confirmation of order is received, this is to indicate that we have received your order. It does not indicate that a contract exists between us. We will indicate acceptance of your order, and hence a contract between us, when we send you an invoice. We have included this term to protect us in the case that a mistake has been made in pricing, we have inadvertently under priced goods, or we are no longer able to supply a particular product for some reason. In the case of a change of price, we will try to contact you first to ensure that the new price is acceptable.

For insurance and VAT reasons, we are un-able to sell to non-members or to dealers for re-sale. We are VAT registered (number GB 141 9391 11) and VAT may have been paid at source on all items marked ``*''. We can provide a VAT receipt if required.

If members are able to source any quantity of new spares which may benefit other members, please contact the Spares Coordinator as below. Information given in this list includes part number, description, availability and price at date of publication subject to P&P. To order, please contact us or send a cheque payable to ``The Imp Club''. We are also able to accept most credit cards, PayPal or bank transfer.

NEW - Recent Items added to Stock

These are some of our recently available newly re-made items.

Spares Coordinator
Bob Allan
Shadewood Farm,
283 Chester Road,
Warrington WA4 2QE, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1925 267084 (all day weekends, monday and wednesday or 6-8pm other days)

Note: Follow our Twitter feed here @ImpClub_Spares.


If we haven't got what you want - please ask, as stock is changing all the time. If we really haven't got it, we will find someone from the Spares Panel who may be able to help.

Please note that we are now stocking re-manufactured components from Malcolm Anderson, Ben Boult and ourselves, which are included in this list. We also have new suppliers of brake components, radiators, gaskets, body seals, panels. Prices have been listed accordingly.

If you know of any new, un-used (new), Imp or Climax spares please contact the Imp Club via Bob Allan +44 (0)1925 267084 or any other Club official. Please note that some Imp based vehicles use Triumph Spitfire front suspension and steering components. We are also willing to stock these and will recommend suppliers.

If you are a supplier, have experience in sourcing equivalent components, re-conditioning or re-manufacturing, and are willing to help, we would be glad to hear from you.

The Rootes Archive Centre has a very extensive collection of original drawings and related information about the manufacture of Rootes cars, including Imps. To see the list of Imp drawings and original part numbers, go to the Web site and follow the link to ``The Index''.

Comments from Club Members

Paul, Sheffield, 2/5/2021: Just a quick thanks for once again sorting and delivering my parts order in rapid time. Great service as usual and what a great bloke and asset to the club you are!

Trevor, Maldon, 12/4/2021: I would just like to compliment you on the efficient service you run on behalf of the club, a huge asset to any club.

Dave, Redditch, 9/4/2021: Bob thank you for a very efficient, helpful and knowledge service and thank you for the diagram, this level of service is sadly a very rare thing these days, speak to you soon as I need more bits.

Graham, Solihull, 9/10/2020: Just unpacked and checked everything and am very, very happy indeed! You have renewed and restored my faith in the process!! In this day and age, I almost dread opening anything mail ordered as nothing seems to be right these days! - Haha!! Just perfect Bob, can't thank you enough!

Ian, Northampton, 10/8/2020: Many thanks again for your excellent service. I am so pleased to support the Imp Club.

John, California, 16/6/2020: Thanks Bob. The service you supply is much appreciated. I wish others were as efficient.

Robert, California, 4/3/2020: Thank you very, very much for all your help. I would have been at a loss without all your input.

Daniel, Yelverton, 29/2/2020: Many thanks Bob. You are a real credit to the Club! I couldn't keep my car going without people like yourself.

Allan, Burscough, 27/2/2020: Just wish everyone was as easy to deal with as you and the Club have been. Much appreciated.

Maurice, New Zealand, 18/2/2020: Many thanks once again from a very happy Imp owner.

Martin, Aberdeen, 15/2/2020: Many thanks for the swift and efficient service.

Michael, Southampton, 10/12/2019: Spares received this morning. The Imp Club should be proud of the service you provide.

Peter, Neath, 2/11/2019 has asked to leave a comment.

Frank, Newbury, 8/2/2019: What a great service, been using Imp Club Spares for more years than I care to remember and you've never let me down. Quote me on that!

Bob, Swindon, 20/11/2018: We'd be lost without you or the service you provide. Much appreciated. Thanks!!!!!!!

Tristan, Bremen, 14/9/2018: The parts arrived this afternoon, thank you very much for the fast packing. Supi, I can have the Imp run again this weekend, I appreciate your efforts, thanks again and wish you a happy weekend too.

Alastair, Paisley, 29/8/2018: P.S. very pleased with the water pump! Once I got it in, that is.

Graham, Australia, 20/7/2018: All fixed and the Imp is running ... Thanks again for your assistance could not have done it without your help.

Ian, Leeds, 16/5/2018: I am very grateful to you (and the Imp Club) for your support in maintaining my G15 in good order. You echo my dedication in keeping a beautiful classic on the road.

Dave, Fife, 3/5/2018: Thanks again for your always excellent service!

Simon, Stevenage, 19/4/2918: Went to Imp Ecosse in the Stiletto with the dizzy you supplied - it ran very well and starts really easily so very pleased.

Tony, Scunthorpe, 18/4/2018: You are a great person to know and I'm so grateful to you and your Club great work keep it up and I'll be in touch maybe meet up on the club meets etc.

Graham, Warwick, 28/3/2018: just a quick note to confirm receipt and to say thanks for the brilliant service, I will be busy over the easter weekend.

Paul, NL, 14/11/2017: The Chamois is on the road now after 33 years. The first time I went to the M.O.T. the car passed the inspection without any problems. I was very pleased... By the way, when we are driving the Chamois, most people are looking at it and then start smiling at us. So, when we feel down a little bit , we take a ride with the Chamois, and everthing is o.k. then.

Jules, High Wycombe, 12/5/2017 I have found getting some Imp parts is quite tricky and you have been very helpful.

Ian, Canada, 1/5/2017: Thanks very much for all your hard work. Everything arrived in good shape. I especially appreciate you finding me the [...] That was above and beyond.

Ruben, Malta, 1/4/2017: Incredible you guys at the Imp Club, so fast with the info I asked for in only 24 hrs. thanks regards. In my life I had many marques and I've been member in many clubs but I always said to my friends: NO ONE BEATS THE IMP CLUB. Soon you'll have me a member again, cause I sold my Imp three years ago and as if I left some one special.

Andrew, Edinburgh, 21/2/2017: Many thanks for everything you have done for me. Really, much appreciated.

Andrew, Blackburn, 21/2/2017: Parcel arrived yesterday, excellent service as always.

Lars, Sweden, 19/2/2017: Thank you for an excellent service once more. Very happy.

Gavin, Redcar, 28/10/2016: Firstly, thanks again for all of the supplies during my restoration. As you are possibly aware, the car won its class in the modified category at National, so you deserve some credit for the support you gave me.

Mike, Bicester, 21/10/2016: I must admit I was horrified at the thought of trying to get parts for this [MkI] rebuild but you guys at the Imp club have made it a breeze, the job is now quite fun, many thanks for your help with the last order.

David, Leicester, 1/10/2016: Many thanks for the prompt delivery of ... Fantastic service, much appreciated.

John, Berkhamsted, 19/8/2016: Thank you Bob, that’s beyond perfect.

John, Berkhamsted, 17/8/2016: Just to let you know that the ... seat diaphragm I bought from you [at National] works well. The existing holes in the rear cross tube of the Imp seat frame are in the right place, as are the rearmost of the three holes in the side tubes. So new holes are needed for the remaining two hooks on each side, and for the two hooks at the front. I drilled the front ones first, to get the right stretch on the diaphragm and thus the correct locations for the new side holes.

Mike, Dorset, 28/6/2016: Thanks for your support and advice - and all the hard work on behalf of "the best club I have ever belonged to" - Cheers Mike.

Ron, Winnipeg, Canada, 19/6/2016: I want to thank you for the attentive service you always provide me, a very distant customer. I'll continue to come back to you, as I'm sure I'll need to from time to time. They [Ginetta G15] are fun cars, but charmingly eccentric (to put it mildly). By the way, I just joined the Imp Club because I know they'll provide great support.

Philip, Newport, 14/6/2016: We're grateful for the effort and time that you put in. I'm sure many think it's easy, but it sure isn't.

NEC Restoration Show, 5-6/3/2016: Imp Club nominated for ``best car club'' and Myself nominated for ``unsung hero''. Thanks to all for your support.

Roy, Newport, 18/1/2016: The package arrived this morning - SUPERB SERVICE!

Simon, Stevenage, 9/11/2015: I knew you were a star, this just reinforces that belief! Top job...

Gavin, Ravenscar, 8/9/2015: Arrived yesterday... Super quick!

Graham, London, 8/6/2015: Parts received this morning - first class parts and service, thank you very much.

Pete, Telford, 30/3/2015: Thanks for an excellent service... I shall use The Imp Club a lot more for spares - I honestly didn't realise what and how much you do!

Melvyn, London, 26/1/2015: Brilliant service = top team!

Mark, Whitby, 25/1/2015: Just to let you know the parts arrived this morning. Exactly what I needed.

Lee, Australia, 20/10/2014: It's great that you have such a comprehensive spares availability with such easy options.

John, Australia, 14/9/2014: I am so pleased with the service and your personal attention to detail ... by the way ... I lived in the UK-Europe for some 14 years, and loved it...

Jon, 27/8/2014; Many thanks for your prompt service, it has been much appreciated. All I have to do now is to wait for some good weather!

Ian, 27/8/2014; Got the spares OK, excellent service as always, thanks.

Rosemary, Portugal, 6/8/2014; This is to say how glad, and relieved, I was that you were able to help me... The Imp Club has, quite honestly, saved my life...

Imp Club National 2014, special award for ``Outstanding Contribution to The Imp Club''.

Robert, 6/4/2014, South Africa; My consignment was delivered to Roy's home yesterday. Clearing the shipment through customs was un-eventful and duties levied were minimal. Clearly all paperwork was in order and I thank you for your contribution regarding the initiating documentation.

Subsequently Roy has checked the shipment and confirmed that everything I ordered was correctly supplied and suffered no damage in its long transit...

I am most appreciative of the time and effort that you devoted to satisfying my large and varied order. Your purchase of the Tex door mirrors on our behalf, and arranging the purchase - and related local logistics - of the replacement dashboard and door cappings from the Chairman, involved you in more than the usual amount of ``hassle'', for which I and Roy are really most grateful.

The upshot of your contribution, plus of course Roy's specialist know-how and quality workmanship, is that another Imp which might well have passed into rusty oblivion is being returned to service in a condition which may be stated without exaggeration to be better than new. For example, every screw fastening and numerous small steel fittings and brackets have been glass bead-blasted and electro-galvanised prior to (in some cases) epoxy painting. That's superior to the factory original. All threaded fasteners are assembled with Coppaslip anti-seize coating -– again better than original. When complete in the next few months I'm sure that it will be one of the most carefully assembled and neatest Imps around.

The Club has been a great source of Imp specific know-how for me and together with the Club Forums, Impressions and your excellent Linwood book, has been inspirational and helpful. We will keep you posted of our Imp progress here at the southern tip of Africa. Thanks again for your excellent service and support.

Before that: I just assumed that everyone was happy.

Rob Allan