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Stock – Hats & Scarves

Hats & Scarves

NB Items are available for sale only to Imp Club Members. Prices do NOT include postage & packaging. Prices may vary without notification. 

Regalia - Current Stock


Hats and Scarves  
Baseball Cap, Beige £7.00
Baseball Cap, Black £7.00
Baseball Cap, Grey £7.00
Baseball Cap, Navy £7.00
Bucket Hats  
Bucket Hat, Green £5.00
Cargo Hats  
Cargo Hat, Grey £10.00
Cargo Hat, Navy £10.00
Cargo Hat, Olive £10.00
Cargo Hat, Stone £10.00

Please contact the Regalia Officer through the Regalia Enquiry Form page if you are interested in purchasing any of the advertised items.