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April 2019 Impressions

Impressions Front Cover

In April Impressions

  • Linwood’s Imp – first off the line
  • Imp holds all the Aces – reprinted ad
  • Imp Ecosse 2020 – yes, you read that right!
  • Moss success story (no, not *that* Moss!
  • Imp powered motorcycle sidecar – the story continues. This time the 600cc HALF Imp engine!
  • Flashback: 1985 Imp Club Dutch trip
  • The Whomobile
  • BREXIT – your guide to running your Imp in a no-deal Brexit Europe
  • ‘Son of Slug’ reprinted from T&CC, June 1982

And much, much more

Impressions Front Cover
April 2019 Impressions

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